For Monika Johnson-Hostler


Growing up in Thomasville, North Carolina, Monika watched her mother and grandparents walk to their jobs in furniture manufacturing, working long hours to make sure she had the support she needed to succeed. When Monika became the first of her family to graduate college, her grandparents worked overtime hours to help pay her tuition.

Drawn to help and serve others, Monika earned an undergraduate degree in psychology, a master’s degree in public administration and became the leader of the North Carolina Coalition Against Sexual Assault, where she’s advocated for thousands of women and children over the last twenty years.

When her daughter, Gabrielle, entered the Wake County school system, Monika saw opportunities for improvement in the schools. Spurred by her pastor’s support and her daughter’s encouragement to “be the solution,” Monika won a tough race for a seat on the school board. Currently serving her third term, Monika has helped expand the magnet program, partnered with local community colleges to expand career and technical education, and brought parents, teachers, and the community together to support public schools.

Monika is running for the U.S. House because she believes North Carolina’s Second District deserves a representative who will listen – even to people who disagree – work hard, and stay true to her word, doing what’s best for the district.